Aran Cable Knit Hooded Zip Coatigan

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100% Merino WoolMade of Merino wool, this hoodie is wonderful for keeping your yourself nice and toasty out in the frigid air, as it provides quality insulating war-wicking breathability, and resilience. Aran StitchingAdorning this coatigan with Irish charm and meaning are stunning Aran cable rope and braid patterns. The cable ropes represent the Aran Island fishermen's ropes and wishes for success. HoodGiving this piece its trendy style ver-key look, or the hood can be worn down for a more open style. Full ZipperA full zipper at the front of the hoodie enhances the modern feel of the piece. It is also great for quickly layering up or down as the weather changes or for style adaptability, as the jacket can be worn open or closed. The zipper is finished off with a silver-toned Trinity Knot zipper pull that adds a Celtic flair.