Soft Touch Ladies Aran Zip Cardigan

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100% Merino WoolCrafted from 100% Merino wool, this cardigan is just what you need to stay comfortably warm on a fall or winter day. This type of wool provides nothing less than insulating war-wicking ability. Aran StitchingLovely Aran stitching decorates this cardigan from top to bottom with texture, dimension, and meaning. The cable ropes represent hopes for success, the honeycomb symbolizes hard work, and the zigzag signifies the cliffs of the Aran Islands. Raised CollarThe raised collar of this cardigan brings some sophistication to the fun, trendy flair of the piece. This raised collar also provides extra insulating warmth for the neck outside in the cold. Full ZipperBeautifully blending with traditional style of this cardigan with a contemporary touch is the full front zipper that is convenient for quick dress changes and layering up or down with changes in the weather.