Instead of a tuxedo, stand out at that formal occasion in Highland Dress. Rent your kilt, Prince Charlie Jackets and all accessories from The Plaid Place. We offer a complete size range in three popular tartans and Highland Dress clothing that are perfect for weddings, graduations, or other special events.

Have your own kilt?   No problem, we can outfit you with the rest - our large selection of Highland Dress clothing includes dress sporran, Prince Charlie jackets and vests and more.  Choose only the items you need to complete your Highland Dress outfit.

Our tartans available to rent include:   Nova Scotia, Keith Ancient or Royal Stewart.
Complete package includes:
  • Prince Charlie Jacket
  • Mens Kilt (Nova Scotia, Keith Ancient or Royal Stewart)
  • White Dress Shirt ( included in package price, but yours to keep)
  • Dress Sporran
  • Flashes (black, green or red)
  • Black Bow Tie
  • Kilt Hose (included in package price, but yours to keep)

$215 plus taxes for a complete package  |  Items can also be rented individually

Come in and get fitted or follow our online measurement guide