Heritage of Halifax Tartan

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Step into the heart and soul of Halifax with our exclusive Heritage of Halifax tartan. Every thread interwoven in this unique piece tells a story of the city's iconic landmarks and the vibrancy that pulses through its streets.

  • Blue: Dive into the vastness and beauty of the ocean, mirroring Halifax's deep maritime roots.
  • Green: Experience the serene lushness of Point Pleasant Park, a beloved sanctuary in the heart of the city.
  • White: Timelessly representing our historic town clock, a symbol of Halifax's enduring spirit.
  • Pink: Wander through the stunning Public Gardens and bask in its floral elegance.
  • Grey: A nod to our revered Canadian Naval base, standing tall and proud.
  • Gold: Let yourself be enveloped in the splendor of the sunsets that bathe our magnificent harbour in a golden glow.

Celebrate the spirit of Halifax, Nova Scotia, with this exclusively designed tartan. Available ONLY at The Plaid Place. Every wear is a walk through history, and every glance is a tribute to our city's heritage.

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