Ladies Turtleneck Ribbed Cable Knit Sweater

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This beautiful turtleneck sweater features an oversized neck and falls over the hips; both these features make this sweater extra warm and perfect for any type of weather. This Sweater comes in Three colors aquatic Navy, soft yet stormy Grey and Natural White making it easy for a woman of any lifestyle or fashion taste to customize this piece to fit her needs. Choose the perfect size from and X-Small to XX-Large. This lovely piece is made from a beautiful blend of wool and fibers. This blend is super soft to touch, warm, breathable, and sturdy. This charming sweater utilizes one of the most common Aran Island stitching patterns: the cable stitch. Originally, it was designed to imitate the appearance of the ropes that the local fishermen used while working at sea, and is today viewed as a symbol of protection, prosperity, and good fortune.