Ladies Double Breasted Shawl Collar Coat

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Knit from 100% merino wool that has a very high microfiber count that means it is one of the softest wools commercially available. The coat is washed, dried, and pressed after knitting to lock in the naturally soft texture of the wool as well as to help prevent shrinkage after future washes. Our coat features a shawl collar that can be worn down or up if the weather turns a bit chilly. Our collar is a reference to menswear while softening the lapel to produce a distinctly feminine look unique to our coat. Four metal buttons adorn the front of our coat, arranged in a square for maximum coverage. Each button is engraved with an intricate trinity knot design, one of the oldest designs in all of Ireland, adding to the coat's evocative Celtic heritage. Two pockets are added to the front of the sweater that are very deep, so you can keep your hands warm, or store daily essentials in them. Our sweater is available in Navy and Grey and comes in sizes XS ' XXLarge.