Classic Cable Wool Wrap

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As a product of the beloved -style Irish knitwear, this gorgeous shawl for women is designed and made to meet the incredibly high standards of true Irish craftsmanship. As durable as it is lovely to look at, this piece is guaranteed to stand the test of time without difficulty, allowing you to enjoy its softness and style for many a year to come. Available in a broad range of colors, this ladies Aran knit shawl can be purchased to fit the needs of a woman of any body type, height, lifestyle, or fashion sense. Classy yet casual, it's a garment that can be dressed up or down with ease, at any time of the year. You'll find yourself reaching for it again and again! Like all good Aran knit pieces, this lovely ladies shawl is made from real, 100% pure Irish merino sheep's wool, and as such is soft, warm, breathable, and sturdy. Thanks to its natural and organic fibers, it's also completely hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for anyone with sensitive skin. This gorgeous shawl for ladies beautifully showcases one of the most oft-used Aran Island stitching patterns: the cable stitch. At first, it was designed to imitate the appearance of the ropes that the local fishermen used while working at sea, and is today viewed as a symbol of protection, prosperity, and good luck.