The Haggis - A Modern Recipe

The Haggis is a very old, traditional Scottish dish that combines meats, spices and oatmeal.  A traditional recipe for The Haggis would involve the boiled and minced liver, lungs and heart of a sheep mixed with chopped onions, toasted oatmeal, salt, pepper, and spices.  The mixture would then be stuffed into the cleaned sheep's stomach, sewn up, leaving enough room for expansion to avoid an explosion, and then boiled. WAIT!...

Curse of Scotland

The nine of diamonds playing card is often referred to as the "Curse of Scotland" There are a couple of reasons given for this connection: 1. It was the playing card used by Sir John Dalrymple, the Earl of Stair, to cryptically authorise the Glencoe Massacre. Certainly there is a resemblance between the nine of diamonds and his coat of arms. 2. The Duke of Cumberland is supposed to have...

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Welcome to our website.  We have endevoured to include many of our most popular items, including Buchan Thistle pottery, tartan scarves and ties, clan jewellery, and a small range of our beautiful Irish knits.   If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to send us an email. Enjoy!
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