5 Yard Casual Kilts

6 - 8 Weeks
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Our 5 Yard Men's tartan Kilt is made of 100% wool a fantastic value for a “mid level” kilt. This kilt, like our 8 yard, uses the finest 13 and 16 oz wool cloth woven in the UK. Our 5 Yard Wool kilt is a great option for those who want their clan tartan, but don’t want to invest in a full 8 Yard Kilt. It is also a wonderful option for those looking for a lower yardage kilt for it’s reduced weight during summer wear. It will look good in both a casual setting, like festivals or the pub, and a formal setting, like a wedding.

  • Made of 5 yards of woolen cloth expertly woven in the UK. 6 Yards is used for larger sizes.
  • Made in the UK – the home of the kilt.
  • The kilt can be dry cleaned.


Other 5 Yard Kilt Specifications

  • Our 5 Yard Kilt is made specifically for you using your exact body measurements that you provide.
  • You can expect 1-1.2″ pleats from this kilt.
  • The 5 Yard kilt is tapered down the fell to ensure you get the best fit possible.
  • A good “swing” can be achieved. For added “swing”, consider the 8 yard kilt.
  • This kilt is fitted with three high quality leather straps. You will also notice that the straps feature some intricate knotwork with high quality cast buckles.
  • The kilt has two belt loops for holding your kilt belt.

Measuring advice:

  • Waist: measure firmly around waist at navel (belly button) height.
  • Seat: measure around the largest part of the seat area.
  • Kilt Length: measure from the top of the hip at navel height to the top or middle of the knee. As a rule of thumb, your kilt length should be no shorter than a third of your height. It's usually better to get someone to help with this measurement, as you'll tend to lean forward and shorten the length when doing it yourself.
  • Height: provide this in feet and inches.

Don't worry if these seems daunting, it's not as hard as it might sound! We have many years experience making kilts for people of all sizes, and will check with you if anything seems unusual. 

Pleating at the back can either be 'to the sett' meaning it continues the pattern of the tartan, while 'to the strip' means each pleat carries a uniform stripe from the tartan (see picture comparison above). You have the option to choose which colour stripe you'd like carried over in this option (imput which colour from your chosen tartan you'd like in the text box).

If you have any queries regarding the measurement process, the pleating options, or would like some additional information before placing your order please contact us.